Economic Collapse by Mark Goodwin

Sharing some audiobooks that provide information and entertainment. Turn off the TV and let your imagination drive for a while.

Days of Noah by Mark Goodwin

The media will always denigrate citizens for doing the right thing. This is disgusting. #hero

Kinda want. Any tried this before?

Kissinger's 1974 Plan for Food Control Genocide

Alex Stein is hilarious.

This is BS. Biden went there and sucked Saudi dick. The Saudis aren't dumb. They are buying oil from Russia at a discounted rate and the selling it to Biden at a drastically inflated rate all the while saying they are increasing production. They aren't increasing their production, they are increasing supply via purchased Russian oil and profiting along the way. The entire Biden admin is just too stupid to realize or care.

Hey dickhead, we have NEVER believed a thing you say!! 🤡 😡

bbakermaiCongenital liar

AbleFreemanYou got that right @bbakermai