DangFree exists as a place to be a little rowdy. We're like your sidepiece. You roll in, all hours of the day, we hand you a beer and laugh at your dumb jokes. Celebrate your Patriotism. Talk trash. Freedom is meant to be acted out, not just a concept to be pondered. Be cool. Zero tolerance for Anti-Americanism. There are no protected classes here.

We're Pro Second Amendment, Patriotic, Freedom Loving and don't give two shits about your feelings. If your personality is so shallow that it's depedent on your pronouns being recognized and revered, you're in the wrong place. You will be called names here. More often than not it will be really, really rude. Suck it up. God made snowflakes melt for a reason.

If you trust your point of view, have the courage and facts to back it up. Instead of insisting people just trust you on what you say, or you attempt to force them through crowd bullying or bullying based on your follower count, you'll get nowhere. Have the balls to back up what you say. Likewise, if you dissent from someone's post, you better make a solid case for it if you're going to change minds.

There is no site that pushes for both sides of a story or arguement. Twitter only allows for one side to promote a viewpoint. And the Twitter mob will be boosted to ensure that point is taken as law. Gab will tell you to find the answer in the Bible. Parler takes the Republican side, Truth social means you have to agree with Trump. Gettr, is that still a thing?

Dangerous Freedom says you better have the wherewithall to stand up for your convictions and be prepared to defend your beliefs. We encourage both sides to take part in the discussion. There are plenty of other sites you can go to to find the audience that will simply support your arguement. DangFree is the nuetral ground where the better argument wins the spot on the top of the hill.

Be prepared or stay out of the arena.

So, say your piece...and be prepared to defend it if necessary.

If you can't take a joke, move on.

If you want to be respected, earn it.

We like boobs.

Try to not make everything a political post. People are growing tired of it and you can find that anywhere. Post your memes. Link to great videos about homesteading or deleting your diesel.

Be interesting.